Day 51/365 – Carnival Monday

Got in yesterday ate and went to the Savannah for Dimanche Gras. It was amazing to watch them assemble the Costumes. I regret not taking my SB Flash with me but was told we may not have been able to take photos without a permit..  grrr

This morning we woke up at 5:00am to go to J’ouvert.. Oye.. kinda tired but excited to experience it.. A big concern is getting my camera dirty, so i’m walking around with only one lens attached and hope for the best. Not chancing switching lens.

OMG!! what a fabulous morning. I felt completely safe with my brother. No one bothered me, infact, it’s kinda funny how willing everyone was to have their photo taken.. hehe. My camera was safe, so once again, I regretted not taking the other lens.

The police had built a watch tower and guess what?? I smiled really big, batted my eyes and said “do you think I can come up there to take some photos?” In one quick swoop, i was up there with a really good vantage point.. I looked down upon my little brother, who’s just shaking his head..

We only spent about 2 hours. Then went back home to get some rest, only to try and leave the house again at around 12 to go back into Port-of-Spain.. I’m having a great time so far.  On our way home, we stopped for DOUBLES for breakfast.  I think the person was Sweet Sauce in Cunupia. Pretty Good.. I liked that they added cucumber to the mix, very refreshing..

On Carnival Monday, you don’t see the full costumes.. The band leaders usually switch off part of the costume with a colored TShirt or something similar to identify the bands. It is still a great day to be in the Savannah, feeling the energy, listening to the music being pumped from these huge trucks that drive alongside the bands.

It was a wonderful experience.. Left covered in dust but with a huge smile on my face and kept thinking “my poor camera is going to need a bubble bath.”

Well that was Monday. Can’t wait to see what Tuesday brings.