Day 52/365 – Carnival Tuesday

Back in the car again on our way to Port-of-Spain. Not gonna lie, I am absolutely exhausted today. We had a Tweet up last night and I got to put faces to twitter names.. Very Very cool..

Today is the day – the feathers fly finally.

HAHA!! What a difference the full costume makes as you watch a sea of plumes cross the stage at the savannah. I love this photo with the mountains and houses in the background. Quite a contrast to the free flowing music and partying that’s going on in the foreground.

We walked around quite a bit today.. I was also accompanied by @marcseyon and @cupcakewench  making it a truly fun experience.

Costumes came in different Sizes, Colors, Shapes, Patterns – so much to capture but they were by the hundreds, so we needed to keep walking to get a variety..

Modern Mas vs Traditional Mas

Everyone was having a blast.. Smiling even with achy feet. 🙂 Some of the larger costumes which competed for King and Queen of the bands on Sunday night were on the streets, so it was great to see them in the sunlight. You can only imagine the weight of these pieces, being pulled along by a person.

However, one of my favorite things to photograph was the steel pan sections we stumbled upon.. Oh the colors, oh the sound.. Brings you back to the old days and you can feel your body needing to chip chip chip along as you walked..

I LOVE this photo! It’s just has such a Tropical feel to it.. OMG!! I am having the grandest time.. I really am. I hope you guys feel like you’re there through photos and words.

Honestly, if you’re adventurous and have the time, I absolutely recommend this as a trip to take. As a tourist, i felt safe with all the police presence. My camera equipment survived.. There was abundant thing to purchase to eat and drink along the way, without breaking the bank. Everyone was welcoming and engaging and ready to have a great time. As an ex-native I feel really proud by my experience.

So happy I made the time to do this