Day 53/365 – Holding on to Traditions

Being back in Trinidad, revives alot of memories – fun memories – happy times.

I remember as a kid having Roast Corn.. We used to play a game of Sailors where each corn kernel was a sailor and your opponent had to guess how many you had in your hands. If they did, you lost them. O_o Silly huh?? but as a kid, it was the best, especially when the corn is nice and warm and sweet..

It felt great to stumble upon this vendor.. I don’t believe most families make roast corn anymore, so most kids wouldn’t even know what it tastes like.

Today is Ash Wednesday.. in Trinidad that means we go back to work, even if you’re exhausted. Although, somehow we manage to have hundreds of “others” blanketing our beaches. Ash Wednesday became a huge beach lime for Carnival revellers and the one constant I remember was having a Bake and Shark sandwich to help with the hangover.. teehee..

Unfortunately, I got on a plane last night, on my way home to my real life. To my hubby and my daughter with a pocket full of memories (cards) and very thankful for the oppotunity to be able to have that experience.

Here’s to Bucket Lists..