Day 56/365 – Is there a LORAX in my forest

I wonder??

I returned from what felt like 90 degrees in Trinidad to what a chilly 28 degrees at our home in Connecticut. A week ago, I was packing a bikini (which I never used btw).  But I can’t complain, apart from the temperature, it really has been a mild winter for us.

Usually, at this time, the property is covered in ICE, not snow and we literally wait for the spring thaw. That photo show the extent of the snow fall/ice fall.. O_o 

However, we can’t help but get excited when we see it snowing in between the trees. It truly is magical.. I love living in the city but I LOVE my country life. There’s nothing to compare with seeing trees change in the seasons. I have to see that movie Lorax. I seems sad to live in a place where there aren’t real trees..

I can’t wait for spring but I think I miss winter.. Unfortunately, with the fluctuation in temperature, we lost a few of the crocuses which sprouted earlier last month.. Hopefully, we can salvage some of the other plants that are not protected.

Well that’s it.. Time to go bug my daughter to be my model.