Day 57/365 – Nosey Cat

He is the most fustrating model EVER!!!  All he wants is your attention.. Forget about props, he usually think it’s a NEW TOY!

But he is sooo cute. The minute I decide to photograph him, his “lap cat” mode goes into effect and his main goal is to climb onto me. It’s quite funny. I lay on the floor to get good shots – #1 rule of photographing pets. hehe  but to him it means “woo hoo, she’s gonna play with me”..

Other times, he’s just so nosey and tries to crawl (like I can’t see him) up to the camera lens.. This was one of those lucky shots, where it’s not blurry.. He thinks because he can’t see my face, I can’t see his..

This is my TC.. He’s as crazy and me an the kid.. We love him 🙂