Day 58/365 – Photos while driving

It’s terrible – I’m bad.. Law says no drinking and driving, no cell phones while driving but nowhere does it say NO PHOTO TAKING WHILE DRIVING – so i’m think i’m good and I can plead a good case.

But c’mon, when a good scene is placed before you, you just have to capture it somehow. So I just happen to always have my Nikon CoolPix P5100 right next to me while I drive. It’s difficult sometimes because i have to change settings within a matter of seconds. I mostly have it on shutter priority because it’s the only way to truly capture something if you’re driving.

There was traffic and I noticed these bikes. I love these photos because you can capture so many of them around the city. It occurred to me that if I moved up a bit, I could just capture that pole right in the middle.. O_o  eh hem.. Traffic started moving slowly and I got it..  Would’ve been ideal if the pole was straight but I think it adds character to the scene together with the rust at that base..

So folks some friendly advice – BE CAREFUL WHILE DRIVING but within safe situations, capture those moments in time time share..