Day 59/365 – Great Gummi Escape

It was only a matter of time before these guys made their presence felt in my project365 yet again. I love Gummi Bears. been photographing them for quite a while now.

They’re not really that smart, so they make good models. Pretty much do anything for you, so they can get out of that plastic bag.. Another fact about Pix you don’t know is that I used to carry around Gummi Bears in a ziploc in my pocket book. You never know when the opportunity arose for a quick shot.

The guys lined up for hours with hopes of getting a chance to press the awesome ESC key, and be whisked off to paradise. O_0  Like I said, they’re not very smart.

HAHA!! I actually had another shot intended but DH put a stop to my dismembering of the “office” keyboard.. So yep, that’s all folks..

Hope this bought a smile to your face.