Day 60/365 – After the Rain

Been a rainy few day in New York City but I like it. It usually means I get great bokeh shots and droplets on leaves/flowers..

I have finally caught up with my Project365 postings. It’s been crazy at my office. Lots to tell you guys but will save for another post. For now, i’m just happy to be posting on a timely basis again.

I have so many of this similar scene.. This is outside my garage.. I just love the combinations of lines, colors, textures and of course, always excited to get a crisp focus on a raindrop (this one’s not that great)…  Thankful, that we are only getting rain, thinking of those poor folks who were hurt by that devastating tornado..

The rain kinda reflects my mood today unfortunately. So much on my mind..

Take care and as always thank you for visiting and reading.