Day 63/365 – International Restaurant and FoodService Show of NY

Yesterday we attended the FoodService show at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City. Industry related, same old stuff every year but we still attend. it’s a great time to catch up with old friends, put faces to voices on the phone, meet with our purveyors, get show discounts etc…

It was a bit different this year, considering our impending transition but knowing that we will stay in the Food Industry, it makes sense to keep those contacts in the loop.. Also met with some great people who wants to partner business with us. Unfortunately, i’m just not into partnering anymore.. Our current partner is the reason we’re in this mess.. O_o

Anywayssssssss, I digress..

One of my favorite things about the show is that they hold a dessert competition. It is just amazing what people can do with pulled sugar. I am always in awe.

I often go there first, then meander through the aisles, sampling everything in sight..

You can find ANYTHING Food related and Restaurant industry related… Breads, Soups, Sausages, Cheeses, Salad dressings, Candy, Menus, Chairs, Linen, Uniforms, Espesso Machines, Slicers, Dicers, Cubers O_o.. You can also get new innovative ideas that sparks your inner creative self..

There were alot of glassware companies this year. There was also alot of emphasis on Micro-Greens, I’m guessing that’s the newest fad.. Ah well.. Not at my restaurant… Oh I’ve been bugging my hubby about starting a Supper Club.. I really want to do this and I know atleast 4 couples willing to pay me to eat and drink HAHA!!!

But attending the FoodService Show reminds me of why I love the industry. It is where we belong and it is where we’ll end up again..

Well thank you for stopping by and reading my babbling post..