Day 64/365 – The New York Wine Expo

This is worth attending even if you don’t like wine.. It offers some great people photography and the humor by the end of the day is endless..

It baffles me why the general public think they can attend a Wine Expo with free pouring alcohol and not know how to contain themselves.. It’s hilarious to watch and pretty sad at the same time, looking on as a woman, as a mom, as a wife.

Bar drinking on a Friday night is very different than a Wine Expo.. EAT BEFORE YOU ATTEND PEOPLE!!! Also, it’s a bit of a pain because we, people actually interested in tasting the wines, often don’t get the opportunity to stand and converse with the wine makers/distributors because everyone wants to fill their glass..

OK OK, I’m being mean – it’s not that bad but I do feel like the event is more of WOOHOO free alcohol as opposed to learning about the wines..

As you can see, I have attended lots of Wine Expos. They’re pretty much the same scenario in any state.. Great laughs for me and the hubby.. He’s the Wine-O in the family. He’s very well informed and have taught me to enjoy a wine..

This year, South Africa had a huge area to showcase their wines.. We actually enjoy South African whites.. The Expo was held at th Jacob Javits Center in New York. The room overlooked the river, I caught a photo of a cruise ship leaving and a beautiful sunset..

Well that’s it for my post.. I actually think i’m all over the place with this post but don’t have time to “clean it up”.. So good luck to all who read my babbling today… Sorry..