Day 65/365 – What’s in Your Wallet

Today was the dreaded “my accountant will be here” day.. Well it’s not really dreaded.. It more of a reality.. Not much for him to do but to clean up what I call my QuackBooks (aka Quickbooks hehe).. It’s feels a bit different, since we are thinking of shutting down, so conversations are steered in another direction.

I’m a great book-keeper, so never any surprises.. Another reason why I know, we’ll be fine if we moved on. Most of our friends and family always say that I “help out” at the office. It’s not really considered work..  O_o  Well can you blame them for thinking that?? C’mon, I walk around with Gummi Bears in my pocket book and I have a Pink with Zebra stripes camera bag.. why would anyone take me seriously? hehehe

What’s in your wallet right now?? if you were to look, NO CHEATING.   I’ve been wanting to take this shot for awhile, finally got it yesterday..

YEP!! that’s my ugly wallet. Have had it for years. I just like it and don’t really like to change stuff. It fits everything I need. I took think photo outside my garage. After waiting for the street to clear and putting down the wallet, looked back and forth a few times, hoping no one would see me.. Then knelt down and viola.. LOVED IT after 3 frames..

Didn’t want to leave my wallet out for much longer. I could just see someone grabbing it and running away. What would I do? Snap a photo of them O_O  hehe

Anyways, What’s in your wallet??