Day 66/365 – Last night’s Sunset

Got home, parked and in my rear view mirror, I noticed the ball of fire.. The SUNSET!! Oh man!! Finally home on time for it.. Hurried the kid “let’s run”, I said.. Got to door, dropped bags, grabbed camera and ran to the bedroom window…

I just can’t believe my view. I smile, call the kid, we sit for awhile just watching it set behind the building.. I can literally snap hundreds of photo because every minute the sky changes.. The color hues subtle go from burnt orange to orange to yellow…

 It’s going to be alright.. We will be okay. So the decision have been made. We will shut down in April. It was a good run and believe it or not, we actually began the business in April, many many years ago.. very strange indeed.. It must be a sign, it is the right thing.

I don’t know what we’ll do for money.. HAHA!! But we never lived a lavish lifestyle, we just lived a fulfilling one, so we’ll be okay. Lots of connections made over the years. Lots of friendships nutured.. I’ll keep you guys updated as we go along..

So hope my sunset puts a smile on your face as it did to mine