Day 68/365 – Educational Choices

So many opportunities, so many directions…

The good ole days when you were either smart or not.. Either corporate or technical.. WELL OK, not really but it seemed to be easier when infact it was just a way to mainstream the kids. Now it seems that kids have the world open to them.. They can literally be anything they want to be. IF THEY PUT THEIR MINDS TO IT.. it is possible.

But how many of our kids do that now? It’s a handful.. The rest (including my kid) has their heads in the clouds. Showered with so many things that they expect that life will be handed to them. NO NO, i’m not being cynical, I’m not judging.. I’m just stating a fact..

Kids now think that Vacation means flying off to Mexico. Remember when it meant going to grandma’s house? How many of you have heard “why do we have to go to Mexico again? We’re always going there”  That’s only one example.

They think that they don’t need to study because they will be the next BIG THING!! The next American Idol, The next 16 and Pregnant O_o, the next Top Model… Not realising that these careers are short lived and it’s actually hard work to maintain.

So imagine my surprise when choosing electives, my kid (biggest procrastinated ever), says she doesn’t want any “FREES” because Colleges doesn’t like that.. She hoping to do AP Biology (the kid that doesn’t study) and her new field of interest (this week) is “Perfume Engineering”.. OK!! what the heck is that?? *shakes head*

Miss “I’m so creative” refuses to take a sculture class because it’s not a “real class that one should take in school”.. I swear, sometimes I think this kid is smoking something.. Her reasoning just baffles me. I was very impressed with these pieces.. She said the teacher helped them and the kids aren’t that creative O_o.. My daughter is a trip..

All in all, my PTA was everything I expected it to be.. She fails to hand in work but she’s a pleasure to have in class.. I can’t win.. I no longer fight.. You see, I’m not worried.. My kid will find her way.. She’s got a genuine mixture of her father’s personality and mine.. A perfect amount of smarts and creativity.. She doesn’t dream of stardom but she doesn’t want to be in a boring job..  She’ll own her own business.

We’ll it’s Friday!! Woot!! Been a very stressful week for me but as usual, I come out smiling,. Off to have dinner with my BFF.. Talk about my future. OH YES!! I have one.. within this week, i’ve incorporated my own business. I will take over some of our existing clients at the end of April….

HUGS and have a fabulous weekend