Day 69/365 – Spring Ahead at 2:00am

Not looking forward to losing an hours sleep tomorrow morning but knowing I’ll be at my home in CT helps.. No errands, no family commitment, so I can just lay in bed longer.. πŸ™‚

I like the change – it means we’ll have longer daylight hours (once we adjust).. Plus I am back to being in the same time with my family and friends in Trinidad (just makes it less confusing)… Other than that, it doesn’t make a difference.. My cat gets confused but he’s a pain in the butt anyway. hehe

I took these photos, only because I needed one for today. Figured I’d go with this theme. Didn’t think it through, pretty much point and shoot. NOt much of a story to tell.. no aaaah moment to write about..

It did occur to me though that I don’t own a watch O_o.. Hmm, never really got into that whole thing.. Should I buy me a watch?? I have my phone…

Anyways, closer to spring and warmer weather.. Tank Tops and Flip Flops – hair blowing – music playing – LOVE IT!!