Day 70/365 – Holi or Phagwa Celebrations 2012

I grew up calling this festival Phagwa, then later learned it was also called Holi but no matter name it goes by the spirit of it remains the same throughout across the globe, wherever it is celebrated. Holi is also called the Spring Festival – as it marks the arrival of spring the season of hope and joy.

My Post-it photo, which begins my blog post is really my ending photo, so let’s begin there.. I love to wear white for Holi/Phagwa because then you can see the various colors that are thrown on you… The only problem is that they don’t always come out. So you should not wear something you truly like. ๐Ÿ™‚

Excitement builds the play of colours. In Richmond Hill, Queens New York, it is not allowed to toss the powder or abeer (color liquid) on the streets, so the parade begins and continues to the Smokey Oval Park where the festivities truly begin and people have all the space to get crazy and whacky. Bright colours of gulal and abeer fill the air and people take turns in pouring colour water over each other. Children take special delight in spraying colours on one another

My daughter had such a fabulous time.. She was covered from head to toe.. My hubby kept throwing powder on other people also.. It was a great to day to be out also in New York..

There are perfomers on stage and also groups of Tassa Drummers playing throughout the day.. I was like a giddy school girl when they played Amitabh Bachan “Rang Barse”.. It is and always will be the best Holi song to me.

Lovers too long to apply colours on their beloved. This has a popular legend behind it. It is said that the naughty and mischievous Lord Krishna started the trend of playing colours. He applied colour on his beloved Radha to make her one like him. The trend soon gained popularity.. It was fun to watch the boys put colors on my daughter.. They were very respectful.. haha.

My camera took a beating on Sunday.. There was just no way to protect it. I wrapped a plastic bag over it but even when I tried to get out of the way, somehow it ended up on my chest. I held the camera high but the dust cloud which hovered just gravitated to the lens.. Couldn’t wipe it in fear of scratching, so just kept shooting and hoped for the best.. It was funny to see all the photographers with the cameras and one hand on shutter button wrapped in a plastic bag.

Click on link to a slideshow of my photosย .. oh put your speakers on.

My daughter can’t wait for next year and neither can I.