Day 72/365 – Columbian Coffee

So NOT over-rated!!! Got to have my Cup of Joe.

Not that i’m addicted to caffeine or anything.. I can easily have tea, since I love tea just the same BUT morning means a cup of freshly brewed fresh ground coffee beans. The aroma fills my office kitchen and i listen for the ding! like Pavlov’s dog..

We also LOVE to have espresso in our macchinetta coffee maker… YUM!!! My hubby makes when we have guests over. It’s a bit much on a regular basis.. I’d be wired all the time. hehe

As you can see, I got a little creative with my post-it today.. I am getting tired of just the boring large post-it, so i had this bright idea and LOVED how it turned out, so now i’ll try to keep it a bit more creative. AND YES, fell into my bokeh again, but I really visualized this photo..

I love bokeh.. I do.. I could do it for every photo, i would. 🙂