Day 73/365 – National Potato Chip Day

Today, March 14th, is National Potato Chip Day.

So I guess the only thing I can ask is, what’s your favorite type? Do you like it baked, salty, unsalted, spicy? Do you have a favorite Brand?

Did you know that on the average day, the US consumes more potato chips than any other country in the world? We love them with our sandwiches. We dunk them in dip at picnics, or as a midday snack.

Whether you’re a traditionalist and opt for the plain variety, or you prefer to dine on one of those fancy new designer chips, be sure to contribute to America’s daily average.

Yes, I didn’t have anything to post, so I decided on this. O_o   Well it could’ve been Pie….. March 14th is also Pi Day.

Been really busy at work, so I think i’m a day behind.  Thanks for reading.