Day 74/365 – Building the Perfect Plate

To most people dinner time can be a headache.. What to serve? Who eats what? I don’t have the right ingredients… Let’s just eat out..

To my family, it’s a matter of opening the refrigerator…

And it also helps to have a Chef in the family. We had eaten at David Burke at Bloomingdales last week. I had a Salmon dish.. It was okay.. NOW there’s something you should know.. It is difficult to eat out and not critique our dining experience.. To us, it was and OK experience. The food did not have the WOW factor for us.. BUT this is because we cook ourselves and we also eat out quite often.. So I’m always wary of what I write here on my blog.. I’m NO FOOD CRITIC..

That being said, we discussed dinner, as we always do… My hubby decided to re-create the dish with his twist and I have to tell you.. FINE DINING at it’s best!! No not because he’s my hubby, he’s just that good. I felt inspired by him and his enthusiasm to plate the meal.. So I decided to take photos as we sipped on a glass of Chateau St Jean Fume Blanc, tasting as we went along, dreaming of the day we have a restaurant again…

I decided to treat you guys to a story board for today’s photo… Hope you enjoy and NO, you may not lick your screen..

Here’s to Good Food, Fine Wine and Great Company