Day 77/365 – The Dog Days of Sunday??

Funny title that came to mind yesterday for my post..

Weird that I stumbled upon three completely different dogs, in three completely different situation on Sunday.. I happened to take photos of them (just because). By the third dog, I thougt, ooh what a great post to share.

Dog #1

We stopped at our fave Italian Deli to pick up Proscuitto Bread and Fresh Sausage to grill for dinner. I saw this doggie outside waiting for his owner. I thought it would make a great pic, if he jumped up to look at the bread. Sadly, he didn’t but made the funniest gesture that made my daughter and I laugh so hard. πŸ™‚

Dog #2

I walked down to the pond to look for frogs but all I found was this yapping pup.. He wouldn’t shut up.. So of course, there was nothing to see because the frogs/tadpoles all went under the water.. This little guy was soo fiesty and protective of his space.. BUT he was sooo cute. πŸ™‚

Dog #3

We drove down to the lake in the afternoon, saw some neighbours and this beautiful dog just lazing, enjoying the beautiful weather..

Can’t wait for Spring then Summer, to enjoy being at the lake again.. What a wonderful reminder of such a gorgeous day.

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend