Day 83/365 – Vietnam Veterans Recognition Day

On Saturday March 24th, 2012, military members and their families gathered at 55 Water Street in Manhattan, just across from the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Plaza, to salute veterans of the Vietnam War.

This was my third time attending this event and I have to say that I am humbled more each time. It took some of these men years to even admit that they were Vietnam Vets, they thought the country didn’t care.

 Thanks to the help of various groups, incluing my group, The United War Veterans Council, we are banding together to show them, we didn’t forget, to say thaink you and to tell them “Welcome Home”..

My husband and I catered lunch for the event and I also photographed it.. I am there to capture memories for UWVC but sometimes, I feel like I’m intruding on personal memories. I watched a Veteran stand next to the display and touched every photo, tears rolling down his face. My camera was in hand and I did take the shot but I won’t share it. I went up to him, touched him on the shoulder and said “Welcome Home, you need to remember these men who died but you have to know that you are alive”… Then I teared up.. I think he spoke some more but all I did was look at the pain on his face and kept my hand on his shoulder.

I enjoy being a part of this event. It’s wonderful to see the Vietnam Veterans, World War II Veterans, South Korean War Veterans, the OIF/OEF Veterans and others all in the same room.. Supporting each other, embracing each other, empathising with each other..

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