Day 84/365 – Who’s That Girl?

How much is that cutie in the window?? The one with the gorgeous hair.. O_o

My daughter got the opportunity to be a live model in the window at the Betsey Johnson Soho store in Manhattan for their Prom Event. It was an awesome. I can tell by the huge grin on her face afterwards..

We have kept her out of the world of modelling, so when I told her about this she was very excited. [in her words – this is so outside my natural realm of activities].  She felt nervous about what to expect..

However, when she walked into the store, it was like a fish from an aquarium being set free into the ocean… Soooo her world.. I know that, her dad knows that – we just don’t want it for her.. Does that make us terrible parents??

(Not because she’s my kid) but she looked gorgeous and I believe Betsey Johnson would be proud of how her dress looked on the kids. The other girls were so beautiful also and they all had such a great time. At the end of their session, they got to try on anything they wanted and the sales girls were so accomodating to them. I bought my daughter a bathing suit, a dress and a pair of the most amazing shoes.. 

ps: they asked her (in advance to model again for them)