Day 85/365 – Street Portraits

Sometimes I think that this blog isn’t sufficient to share my photos with you guys.. Sometimes choosing one for the day obviously has it’s limits.. In any day, I can take only a few photos for this project or other times I take so many of different subject matters, depending on inspiration.

I’m in my car alot, so street photography is just something I do.. Am I good at it?? not really, but I love interpreting the scenes I capture. Sometimes, I’m in the mood and go on random photo walks. You never know what/who you stumble upon in New York City..

There’s street performers, street vendors, other tourists, commuters.. the possibilities are boundless.

Sometimes, I find an interesting face, maybe strike up conversation and eventually ask to take their portrait.. I very rarely share my candids but feel like it today..

I don’t have a favorite subject to shoot.. I never did. Of course, some ideas are more accessible, attractive, marketable but photography has never been that to me.Β  My camera is a piece of equipment which helps me preserve my failing memory..

Smile, you may be on Pix’s camera