Day 86/365 – Standing on your own Feet – Hanging in there

That’s what we’re doing.. Just hanging in there.


Searching for a way to stand on our own feet.. It’s a struggle but we have each other. I believe that if you have “that kind” of support, you will again land on your feet. This situation is much tougher on my hubby than it is on me. I am holding it together for us and at the same time, he is my strength.

Found this caterpillar on the sidewalk. Stuggling to turn over.. All those legs to stand on and he just couldn’t roll himself over. We were on our way to a meeting and my hubby was on the phone.. little note: I’m afraid of bugs and stuff. love to photograph but dare not touch.. Anyways, I watched him struggle and just couldn’t walk away, so I found a stick, touch him, screamed, touched him again, screamed and finally got it to roll over. I felt so good, got up, smiled and walked away..

We went to our meeting. On our way back to the car, I looked for it and was pretty sure he made it back to the grass or tree. My hubby said a bird took him to lunch O_o.. idiot.

Well that’s it..