Day 89/365 – The most difficult post…

I think I ever had to write.. So as a result, I’ve put it off..

Today, Friday March 30th, we had a meeting with our Staff to informed them that we were shutting down the business. They have suspected, due to the depleting of inventory and the somber mood.. But today, it become official.

It was a difficult meeting.. I felt terrible for them.. Being out of work, in our industry, at this time, at this stage in their life.. Some have been with me for over 15 years. 

For me, it means, no more menus.. You know, the ones I always complained about over twitter.. Well yeah, funny how you now miss the things you complained about. However, my hubby and I have had many many sleepless nights, this is the right choice for us..

This is what we did.. Thousands of plates for Seniors.. My Centers will miss us but they will be fine. The other Caterers have to work within the same guidelines, so I am confident their Seniors will be happy.. What’s going to be missed is our relationships which we have built over the years, our personal service..

Meals-on-Wheels was my “baby”.. I enjoyed what I got in return but have to admit, with the stress of the decline in business and trying to make things work, I began hating the day to day running of it.. So I am ready for a change.

Not sure what we’re going to do yet.. Maybe to on a European Vacation.. haha. just kidding.. BUT life NEVER gives me more that I can’t handle, so this is just a stepping stone to something better, more exciting..