Day 90/365 – Road less travelled

Have you ever taken a trail that you’ve never been on?? We do that all the time.. Sometimes, it’s because we’re lost and my hubby (being typical male) doesn’t ask directions, other times, we just spot something interesting and decide to go and investigate further…

Today, I found this pole… purely by chance.. I parked a few cars further down than I normally do… never noticed this sign before

We often go off the beaten path on our way to our home in CT.. It’s a beautiful place to drive around and getting lost is an adventure, since you never know what you will stumble upon..

It seems like our life will take this journey in the next few weeks.. Working on a new venture.. Quite nervous but excited.. Can’t wait to share with you guys, once it’s finalized..

We will be holding hands and skipping down that unbeaten path, hopefully stumble upon the gang..

Dorothy  will tell us: “we must be over the rainbow”

Cowardly Lion will tell us: “you’re nothing like me. you have alot of courage”

The Wizard of Oz will tell us: “why anyone can have a brain.. You guys have common sense too”


OK Ok, I know you guys have missed my silly postings.. HUGS!!

(I’m trying to catch up but in the middle of shutting down production, so blogging has taken a backseat. I do have all my photos though =P)