Day 96/365 – Easter Eggs

Eggs have become synonymous with Easter.. The term “Easter Eggs” immediately creates a visual image in your mind..

Easter Egg Hunts are part of the celebrations.. I still do one for my 16 year old. She wakes up, finds eggs and we back Easter Breakfast.. It’s a tradition. I know they’re silly traditions but these are the things that will keep us close to her heart (after she become bitchy and moves out with a biker boy).. She will remember these times.

As I remember my time with my parents….

Growing up on the island of Trinidad, folklore and traditions played a big role in our upbringing.. Never understood the reasoning behind most of the stuff but we just did it.. I remember for Easter, specifically Good Friday morning, we always had Fresh Hot Cross Buns for breakfast, which my dad picked up from the bakery. My mom would get a freshly laid egg (not sure from where) but it couldn’t be store bought, and she would crack the egg into distilled water..  You then tried to figure out the shape it made and that would indicate an event which may or may not happen to you O_o

* looks like a ship – you’d take a cruise*  *looks like a house – you’d move or make renovations*

Yeah very very vague.. However, we all waited with excitement to hear what she would say..  HAHAHAHA! writing this is making me laugh because it sounds like something I would make up to have fun with my kid, only this really happened to me..   Then almost always, we’d have salmon curry over rice for lunch.   My mom of course, no longer does this..

We’re spending the weekend in Montauk.. While driving around, we stumbled upon a church and the re-enactment of the Stations of the Cross.. It was amazing to watch.. I am so happy I got to experience this with my hubby and daughter..  The congregation gave an amazing performance.


ps: Read my friend’s account of the Egg Cracking phenomenon here