Day 97/365 – La mia famiglia è la mia vita

Rejuvenation and Reconnecting

As much as our teenager is moving apart, she stays close.. She enjoys being with us. So when we decide to spend a weekend away, no tv, no internet, just the three of us getting to know each other, she never never complains..

We had a picnic lunch today and I told her of the story of “the miracle of the five loaves and two fish”. I am almost amazed of how surprised she is by the things I know.. hehehe.. Meanwhile my kid attends parochial school and had no idea what I was talking about. O_O

We walked down to the fisherman’s wharf, no ships had gone out.. The men were repairing their boats preparing for the upcoming season. I did however, stumble upon these SMELLY trophies.. nailed into the piles.. By the odor, i’m guessing they were there from last season…. ewww! but makes an interestig photo..

We took quite a number of photos the three of us… It was great just enjoying the day together.

I love my family.. I really do.. Not because I have to but because they are great people to be around. You guys think I laugh, my daughter is truly a clown..  That night we had dinner and had such a great time and lots of laugh. My daughter was crushing on the bus boy.. So that made things weird, she would keep asking for bread or water.. Meanwhile, hubby is laughing so hard.

He held my hands as we walked to the car and said: “we are so lucky” (referring to our daughter) to which I replied: “you get back what you sow”… 

Well hope you guys are enjoying your Easter weekend