Day 98/365 – Easter Sunday


We’re waking to a beautiful day..  Decided to go for walk on the beach in our pyjamas..

The sand was cold and the water was freezing but the breeze feel great on our skin.. My hubby walked down the beach collecting shells for us. My daughter did all sorts of acrobatic moves, asking me to photograph her.. 🙂

It felt good to forget about the world for a minute.. To forget about the hassles of our business.. To no even talk about work or family.. just the three of us lost on an island…

In my daughter’s Easter Basket, I bought parachutes toys (an egg and a chicken). We had fun playing with those on the beach.. I was trying to photograph them, missing horribly.. HAHAHA!!

When we were ready to leave, I told my daughter to walk down the beach and give the parachutes to a family we saw, a mom, dad and 2 kids.. My daughter didn’t even flinch at the thought.

We watched as she walked up to them, talked  bit, showed them how it works and ran back smiling… These are the things I teach my daughter, which are important to the person she shall become.