Day 99/365 – My Inner Martha Stewart

She has become an adjective..  My friends often refer to me in this manner…  I don’t think I’m like this at all.. I simply enjoy taking that extra step when entertaining..

I do silly things at home also.. If we have chinese take out, I have special placemats to use.. if we have italian, I have speciall plates to use, lobster dinner – yep, you guessed it, I have special plates with instructions on how to eat a lobster..

It’s the little conversation pieces that make entertaining fun.. We serve soup in bread bowls.. We serve salads in boxes..

I picked flowers to photograph and then I had the bright idea to make it a centerpiece for the table for dinner.. My hubby and kid loved it.. That was until the bee flew out of it.. I guess he was hiding inside the petals.. Lucky, no insect was hurt in the making of this post.. He was set free.. O_o or atleast, that’s what hubby claimed, once kid and I returned to room after of 3m dash sprint outta there.. HAHA