Day 100/365 – I need a Vacation

Ever get to that point where the wall seems to be closing in?? Everything and everyone annoys you??  I’m thinking that I’m getting there..

My Anti Work Sucks pills just aren’t cutting it anymore.. hehe.. I work for/with the city of New York.. They don’t pay on timely manner.. very fustrating..

I need to go somewhere that my phone and internet doesnt’ work.. These are slim pickings nowadays..  Apparently, you can get access just about anywhere now O_o.

I think I would love to go to a small fishing village on an island somewhere.. hmmmm….

Of course, this is not going to happen and all this is, is a rant.. I’m caught up in the moment.. But isn’t that a cute photo, made of a drift wood… I think I picked it up in a garage sale.. who knows… I have the weirdest pieces in my home..

Sigh.. Now that i’m writing this i’ve calmed down.. Good therapy, putting your feelings into words..

Well that’s all Folks