Day 101/365 – Intersecting Lines

Even wondered about your life?? Have you ever thought that everything happens for a reason??

I believe in this..

I believe that no one comes into your life “by chance”.. Every person fills a void in your being, creating, molding your character.. Even the ones you meet online or on the subway or waits on you in a restaurant..

This has been the way all my life. Where I am now, is a direct product of events which have occurred in my life line along the way.. Choices made, whether good or bad, have lead me to this exact spot I need to be.

I think this is why I am intrigued by the New Television Series “Touch” starring Keifer Sutherland. (ok I admit I was a huge 24 fan also)… But I LOVE the concept of the show.. I love getting to know the outcome.. My life is like that.  Everyone I meet or touch whether with my words or my actions, play an important role in the outcome of my day..

Someone favorited one of my photos on Flickr, message goes to my email, I go to reply, stumble upon a really beautiful bokeh shot in one of my groups, read the description of a girl who’s husband got deployed, I write her a private message, she replies and says “thank you”.. Should I mention that the photo “favorited” was from my Veterans Day Shots?”

Life is about reaching out, giving of yourself unconditionally, even to strangers.. This is who I am, this is the only way I know to be.. You can make a difference in somebody’s world..

Today can be your day.