Day 102/365 – Reality setting in

It’s beginning to feel “real”… Even though, I don’t think it has actually hit us in the face yet, little by little we taking the steps to move on.

Today, I removed all my photos that lined the walls of our office.. The photos which Catering clients once view and asked me to shoot their Event. The photos which held a timeline to the years we spent at the space. The photos which shows my growth as a photographer over the years.

The room looks bare now.. 😦

Tomorrow is our last day of production and the day we semi-say goodbye to our staff.. Wanna hear something really really weird.. April 12th was the day my husband and I met. We started working together on April 15th. Seems almost a full circle. It’s the right time for a new adventure – new photos

I’m not sure what to do with the photos.. They may not go with the decor of our new space. I remember taking each and everyone of them. I can’t replace them with newer ones, I just can’t.. We will see.. Maybe they will find a new home..

I can always auction them off and raise money for a cause…. that may not be a bad idea.

Well that’s about it.