Day 106/365 – Kitchen Utensils

Make great subjects… or do they?? hehe

I wasn’t sure what to photograph today. My world is becoming a constant blur of phone call, dealing with clients and back stuff.. I’m reading my blog and I realise that once again, i find myself falling into the “point and shoot” mode.. I’m not challenging myself to think of executing my photos. Trying not to fall into a funk…

The truth is I photograph everyday.. However, with a blog (like mine), where you guys stop by to view my photos, I should be offering more than just my diary.. Although, I must say, I do have quite an interesting life.. HAHA!! See….. how is it that I can’t keep a straight face, even when I’m trying to be serious?

Random shot in my kitchen.. I have a TON of kitchen gadgets.. Name it – we probably have it.. We have a zester.. I just love saying that word, maybe as much as I enjoy saying “meandering”.. hehe..

Anyways, sometimes it’s fun to shoot everyday items from an angle that makes you think about what it could be.. I like that, even though, as you guys know, I like the big picture and not the artsy abstract type..

I actually use my potato masher quite often, since I don’t ever use instant mashed potato.. It also works well with mashed cauliflower (a great substitute for potatoes, if you’re on a diet)..

Not much else to report today.. Hoping you are well.. As always, thanks for stopping by and killing some brain cells wtih my blog post..