Day 109/365 – Bored

Not much going on and I’m definitely in a funky mood.. Haven’t shot anything for today.. I know things will improve but in the meantime, photography seems to be taking a back seat.. (sad, so very sad)

wanted to get a shot of the post-its flipping.. slowed down the shutter a bit… I just don’t feel like spending more than 5mins on photos.. OH NOES!!! i’m definitely not a happy camper…

So much going on with the business. I really just want it done already.. Just let’s move on, figure out our next plan, our next adventure..

My days have been spent shredding papers.. In between that, i’m packing up, so color coding what I write on the boxes.. haha! I need some excitement..

Well not much else to say.. Took this with my Nikon CoolPix P5100.