Day 110/365 – How quickly life changes

If you read yesterday’s post, you know i’m in a slump.. sigh……

Today, I received an email to photograph a Flamenco Show tonight.. Very exciting.. Usually, no photography is allowed at this place. They’re very rigid. So I quickly replied “of course, i’m available:.. hehe

My post-it photos is a silhouette of my daughter.. I had one of the stand-out thingys made of her.. This is a shadow created from that, as the sun hit.. I took this photo with my phone.. YEP!! in a funk alright, didn’t even venture to grab the camera.. But heck!! it is what it is..

I had a wonderful time at the show. We drank Sangria and dined on Tapas.. A very professional show indeed.. I was hoping my daughter would have performed the Sevillanas at the end but we left early, since we had a breakfast Catering the next morning.

The lighting at this venue SUCKED!! Anyways, I got some great shots as requested by the Director. The best part is that I got paid.

I don’t usually take paid photography gigs.. I try not to talk about this sensitive issue, since I don’t compete with anyone.. There are enough professional photographers out there who do this for a living – I’m a Caterer by profession.  My love of photography has allowed me the platform to raise money for foundations and for persons who need it.. That’s where my passion takes me..

So I don’t put myself out there to sell photography services.. It was great to be paid.. It has gone into “I need a new camera bag” fund.

Thought I’d share one photo with you guys..