Day 112/365 – Earth Day

It’s Earth Day and what happened??? Mother Earth rained upon us and showed us she was still the boss of us.. haha!!

The plants are all having a huge party, drinking up and celebrating Earth Day.. I sometimes feel like dancing in the rain.. I enjoyed doing that when I was younger.. Instead now, I grab my camera and go insearch of things to photograph šŸ™‚

When I was younger, i didn’t like earth day too much. You see, my sister was born on that day.. why?? I’m the one who loves the planet and birds and rain.. Why was she so special.. My mom used to get so fustrated with me.. haha!!

Anyways, I decided to TRY to capture some raindrops.. It wasn’t a constant rain, so I couldn’t forecast the drops.. It was quite tough but i liked this one. Just wished it was a bit more focused.