Day 114/365 – A Fact about Pixel

We own two Jaguars.

Not the Cats silly, the cars… 🙂   2001 XJ8 and 1996 XJS     They are absolutely gorgeous!!

It wasn’t our plan to have these cars, we leased the XJ8  “just because” but fell in love with it, that we made a decision to keep it and it would be DH car when he retires.. We’ve kept it in great condition, not too many miles on it…

A couple years later, I began searching for a Miata, to have at the country house.. DH convinced me that even if I found one, the parts and maintenance would be costly, so he then bought me the XJS convertible…

My car is obviously a summer car… great condition for its age.. We drive them up to Lime Rock sometimes… its pretty cool…

I’ve been wanting to photograph the medallion for a while, finally had the opportunity..

So there you have it, another fact you didn’t know about Pixel.