Day 117/365 – Escape doesn’t always mean going away

Lately I’ve been thinking of taking some time off.  A quick escape..

Life has been stressful these past few months. A Twitter friend commented that she doesn’t know how I hold it together and still find time to photograph and blog.. Well, I’ve realised that this is my escape..   It’s a zone where I can, atleast for a minute, forget about life as I know it and pretend that i’m somewhere else. It’s like escaping into a good book..

I can pretend I’m with Jacque Cousteau, floating down the Amazon when I took this or maybe looking for River Monsters wtih Jeremy Wade.. Or EVEN WORSE yet, I could be stuck with Jennifer Lopez on a barge in Anaconda.. Eeps!!

But it could be anywhere. I love following and reading blogs from around the world because its is such a fantastic escape, visually and mentally…

Thank you for stopping by my crazy place.