Day 120/365 – Chef’s Tasting

One of the best part of being in the Food Industry is THE FOOD!!!  (what did you think I was going to say??)

One of the best perk is having the availability to have Chef Tastings ever so often.. DH interviewed a Chef, who had applied for a position and part of the process is to cook us a meal… YUM!!!

OH my Goodness!! Died and gone to heaven and back in one day.. This guy prepared Duck.. DH’s favorite dish. YUM!! I enjoy tasting from Chef’s, other than the hubby. It makes me appreciate his talent even more.. He is so passionate about food and cooking.. You almost want to eat as he speaks.. hehehe!!

I love being able to give “good” critique, not just “this is really good” but instead talk about textures and flavors.. He listens, sometimes argues.. He’s trained my palette, so I think he trusts my opinion..

I’m am sorry in advance, if you guys (mostly Pablo) are now hungry again. I do try to limit my food posts..