Day 121/365 – First Baseball Game

Attended our first Baseball game of the season.. So fun!!

We won 10 tickets at a Silent Auction… WOW!! Giving away 10 tickets in the middle of the week is so difficult O_o.. We ended up taking our daughter and a bunch of her friends.. Good Grief! screaming teenage girls at a Yankee Game O_o O_o.

What a slow game.. Yankees lost.. please don’t ask for stats, I don’t really follow, I just go to take photos and oogle at the players legs and butts..  Oh, I also clap for anyone who hits the ball.. I know I know, that’s a big no no BUT don’t you think the players deserve appreciation for a good hit, even if it’s the “other’ team??.. 

I love sporting events but mostly just for the photography opportunities.. There, I said it =P