Day 123/365 – Tic Tac, Maybe..

Remember those days when you played connect the dots?? Or the times before cell phones and IPads and you actually drew on paper to play tic tac toe with your kids to entertain them?

Have you ever skipped rocks across the water and stare as it skimmed the surface to see if you’d get Tic Tac Toe?  Those were the days.. Those are feelings I fear my daughter may never have.. They are a generation of the Digital Age. It annoys me to see advertisement for markers that don’t actually make a mess.. Kids no longer want Battleship the board game, they want the video game.. I get it, I understand, it’s the way of the world, it’s progress BUT I have to ask… is it really progress??

When I took this photo, my daughter was with me. I showed it to her and cropped it in a bit.. She said: “haha, mom, it could’ve been tic tac toe with daisys, except it’s more like tic tac not..”…. My heart skipped a beat!! The fact that she can relate my photo to something so simple just made me smile.

Creativity has always played an important role in our family.. We always joked about her need to tape.. she taped everything. She would make clothes for her dolls with paper and tape. She make us sign agreements and tape it to the door..

To this day, when she gives us Greeting Cards, there is always a paragraph of what she’s feeling on the left hand side.. We’ve kept every card she’s given us..

I still skip rocks when we’re at the lake house, so does she..  Hoping you guys nurture creativity with your kids. If not, we’ll be forced to listen to re-mixed music from the 80s for the rest of our lives and those darn bell bottom pants will never go out of style… We need them to bring fresh ideas, they won’t be able to do that, if they are not forced the think..

OOOPS!! hopefully it wasn’t a lecture.. I am no position to tell you how to raise your kids. Just changing one parent’s view at a time.. hehe