Day 125/365 – Flower

My days are beginning to flow into each other again.. So much going on with the business..  I’m mentally exhausted from doing nothing..

You know I had an un-interesting day, when the only thing i could bring myself to photograph was weeds.. hehe.. But they’re so pretty..  I’m surprised I got this photo because it was windy, so most of the shots were blurred..

I guess the dilema is always, which photo do I want to post here. Something with artistic blur?? Something with DoF?? Some lively bokeh?? 

Then there’s always the warnings of folks stealing your photos.. I really don’t care about this.. Maybe I should, but I don’t..  Photography is an extension to my words and vice versa. My blog would be nothing without either.. I love sharing with you guys but I do admit that for every photo, I post here, I have a more amazing frame for myself 🙂

Well this was a “go nowhere” post.. hahaha!! This is what happens when I digitally detox on the weekend.. I should be posting photos Beer and Tequila shots but clearly I am now an adult and don’t do that anymore O_o.