Day 127/365 – Achoo

We had a Catering Event tonight.. Again, I didn’t take too many photos. Some of the shots I got, the clients are in them, so I can’t use those here..

Then I realised I took this photo while the bartender was  setting up.. I remember thinking “this could end badly, if he sneezed”.. EEPS, maybe I shouldn’t have these thoughts.

I don’t have the nerves to do this. I would probably turn around and everything will come crashing down.. I admire the bartenders, their ability to memorize the drinks, the personality to interact with clients..

I drink what I like. I guess, if i followed a book, i could mix myself some drinks. Yet again, i am quite spoiled.. My hubby is my bartender while at home and he usually recommends some amazing cocktails.

Another mindless post. Thank you for stopping by.. What’s your favorite cocktail