Day 128/365 – What’s on your plate?

Food – a universal language, depicting culture, geography, necessity, innovation… Even bears it’s own controversy “to eat or not to eat”..

As time goes by and we become more “educated”, those foodie scientists begin to recommend or limit our food intake. For the most part, we listen, until another issue makes headlines.. I don’t know what the right or wrong answer is….

With regards to food in my home, we follow one simple rule “EVERYTHING IN MODERATION”.. Nothing is off-limits.. We eat carbs, protein, foods high in good fats (and some bad), Omega, Calcium etc. Most of the items we prepare are fresh, not always organic.  But we don’t make food an issue.. Especially for our teenage daughter.

We never told her “eat your dinner”, we stress that she needed to “eat her protein”, or “have your green vegetables” for fiber, so you can go to the bathroom.. (ewww you say??) it’s not ewww. It’s explaing food and health to you kids so they understand their choices.. My daughter doesn’t eat alot and she loves her snacks BUT she is very active. So we make sure that every meal she eats with us, is a healthy serving AND she is NEVER allowed to leave the house without breakfast.. What she does in between is her choice.

We are a nation becoming obsessed with food but mostly for the wrong reasons.. Not enough education in the elementary and high school level, which is where it’s most important. We love discussing food with my daughter’s friends and even get them to eat broccli rabe..

Talk to you kids about what’s on their plate.. oh and while you’re at it, tell them don’t do drugs.. LOL