Day 130/365 – I’m leaving on a Jet Plane

We finally decided to take some needed time off, to re-focus, to re-connect…  Last weekend, we made the decision. We’re going to Florida to visit cousins..

What’s not to like about a last minute vacation.. No planning, no anxiety, infact, I didn’t even pack until Wednesday night. O_o.. Warm weather = less clothes 🙂

Then I got a HUGE SURPRISE!! well it wasn’t a “surprise”, really. It was discussed before we left.. We decided to take a short cruise out of Tampa.. Altogether there was 12 of us, including my father-in-law… This should be fun.. NO PHONE – NO INTERNET – NO WORK O_o – NO SHOES – NO SHIRT – NO PROBLEM!!!

First time in 17 years, that I’ve gone away without needing to talk with clients.. It was weird at first but after my initial talk with Captain Morgan, I was good to go 😀

I really needed this.