Day 132/365 – Mexico

Never been to Mexico before, so I must say that one day in Cozumel doesn’t really count in my books.. It could have been any island (and I’ve been to many).. Sadly, it is so commercialized that I didn’t truly get to experience a Mexican visit.. I’ve had better Mexican food in New York.. That being said, we had a great time and laughed alot..

#1. Disembarking the boat – father-in-law complained about having to walk ALL THE WAY down the pier, so we had to rent one of those bike guys.

#2. Stumble upon a Donkey – but neglected to fill out “yes” when ask “did you come in contact with live animals on custom forms..Oops..

  #3. Drank lots of Tequila – we learnt that “good” tequila is made with 100% Agave and this does not give you headaches and bad hangovers because it’s fructose and not glucose (hopefully i got that right).. Also learnt that diabetic people can have any syrup made from agave..

#4. Met up with some Aztecs and Mayans – they were little people O_o

#5. Drank Coconut water from the shell – okay this is no big deal to me, I did it all the time in Trinidad.

#6. Got first hand information about this whole Mayan Calendar Controversy – They had quite a few calendars which they followed.. Unfortunately,  kids, you need to stay in school, the world will not end in 2012.

#7. We even manged to get an awkward family photo in Mexico – check out guy in bottom right.. 😀

And that was my Mexican Adventure, in one post…

HUGS to all