Day 142/365 – Food Combinations

Playing around with food and recipes is a great past time for DH and I.. Since he does most of the cooking, he involves me by asking for ideas.. Sometimes, we just go through the refrigerator and pantry to find ingredients. Other times, we go through cookbooks to find something interesting, then shop for ingredients.

Tonight’s dinner was made with ingredients we already had.. Shrimp sauteed with fresh garlic, Pesto and sundried tomatoes, along with some tossed in fresh basil leaves.. We served it over Capellini Pasta (it may have been Barilla)..

A very simple quick and delicious dish. You can vary this by using chunks of grilled Chicken cutlets.

I didn’t actually get a shot of the finished plate. (I know, i’m terrible at this. You see, family time is family time and me setting up for a food shot is not always my first choice. I would like to focus on this more).

So hope you try this, you can tag me on Twitter @DPixel and I’ll try to answer any questions you may have. oh and another tip: Fresh warm Italian Bread with butter is a great accompaniment. Use the hash tag #InMyKitchen so I can find your post (if you share).