Day 143/365 – Dollars and Sense

Not having any household income for the past three weeks (either of us), has made us more aware of how we spend our money. Pay the basic necessary things first, then think about the frivolous things.

Luckily, both DH and I are “on the same page” so to speak.. Money never was or is an issue for us. We either have it or we don’t.. Years ago we decided that we’d save less (than normal) and pay off for the things we’ll keep.. Then as those (cars, boat eg) were paid off, that money became added to savings.. We’ve also put aside money for our mortgages, so we weren’t searching for it every month.. So yes, we gave ourselves some padding, while enjoying life..

So while we really have no income, we’re not stressing right now. We are currently working on something where we can continue to work together on a new project. My kid got a summer job, so she will have summer money.. We just need to get through the next month..

I’m not a big spender.. I will forego clothes and shoes for a great meal anyday, so that’s our luxury.. I still spoil my daughter and buy her stuff but those rewards of thanks are so worth it. 

Again, I can’t wait to tell you guys of of new plans.. Fingers and Toes crossed