Day 146/365 – My love affair with mushrooms

I love mushrooms. I love the earthy taste, the texture, it’s ability to be so versatile with your meal.

We prepare it in so many different ways, I don’t think I can list them all on here.. We keep dried mushrooms in the house for things like risotto..

One of my favorites is a grilled portobello mushroom topped with gorgonzola cheese.. YUM!!

We love to combine different types of mushroom and sauteed with fresh garlic and parsley..

I went on a mushroom walk once.. That was alot of fun.. Found out if you’re not careful, YOU CAN DIE if you eat the wrong ones.. haha O_o

Then, of course, how can I forget TRUFFLES….. so yummy I want some now..ย  have you ever had french fries spinkled with parmesan cheese and a drizzle of truffle oil?

Ok i will stop writing now…