Day 151/365 – Coney Island

Field Trip!!!!

I decided to take the day off and go to Coney Island with my friend.. Turned out to be such a great (weather) day.  You can take the N Train all the way there. It’s a long ride about 45mins but some parts of the journey is above ground which allows you to see the neighbourhood. The station at Coney Island is clean and beautiful, not what I envisioned.

We walked along the boardwalk a bit and then decided to sit on the beach.. There were alot of people there considering it was a Thursday morning.

It was relaxing to be there. I haven’t taken a sponteanous day trip in a very long time. I used to go into the city on walkabouts all the time.. I miss this.. I miss being able to just explore for no reason..

Of course we had to have a Nathan’s Hot Dog while we were there.. On a side note: the bathrooms at Nathan were super clean!!  Anywaysssssss, moving on.. haha!

I have to say that I was very very disappointed with the Nathan’s Hot Dog. In fact, I was bordering angry.. This is my New York!! My City!! I’m always telling people how wonderful it is an recommending places you guys to visit.. Being such a landmark, Nathan’s really should think of raising the bar a bit. The Hot Dog was terrible. The bread tasted like raw dough, it was so soggy..  But like everything else, it is so commercialized, such a destination, that they don’t care about the average person’s experience.. FYI: you will get a better hot dog at Papaya King.

Oops!! I think I blew my stack.. HAHA!! ah well…

Coney Island is a great place to visit if you come to New York.. Just to experience the history. The amusement park is open.. Not too many stores but you can surely pick up a souvenir tshirt.. There is also a water sprinkler on the beach for the little ones.. Great photo opportunities..

See you on the Boardwalk